Today, I Celebrate My Heroine

It was ten minutes, past three o ‘clock in the afternoon, thirty-two years back from where we are now.

After enduring several hours of labor pain and absorbing the truth that the package that she paid in installment for nine months in an expensive hospital won’t even be used up to its value and accepting the beginning of the change of life for her from that moment on, she gave birth to an 8 pounder, bouncing and very fat baby girl. Did I already say fat? Yes fat.

And so on and so forth.. And fat.

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My PCOS Journey

Because of practicing YOLO for the longest time, I gained so much weight. Not to mention the toll that it took to my health as well. So when the journey of love, responsibility, maturity, family and future is on the pipeline of the next chapter of my life, I discovered that I am at risk of having diabetes if I won’t correct my lifestyle anytime soon. This risk is because of the hereditary diabetes, and the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that I acquired because of being glucose intolerant. This means my body cannot tolerate anything FUN.

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