The Hunt for the Ceremony Venue

A week after Jacklord proposed, we started deciding on the wedding date and scouted for churches. I personally didn’t want an expensive wedding so I am trying to avoid the ones that I am sure would make a huge impact on our budget. Our originally preferred location was supposedly in Ilocos, but we want our loved ones to be able to attend to our big day without the hassle from travelling. So we narrowed down our list and focused on Metro Manila.

I remember that it was Christmas Eve of 2016, but It’s almost like a day of Visita Iglesia for us as we visited churches around Manila. I’ll state here the information for the ones that we had in our top 3 considerations.

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Our Two Years Wedding Preparation

Finally! I’ve got some time to start this out. A bunch of friends have been asking me few details about their wedding, and it made me push myself to get this over and done with once and for all. Haha!

First things first my dear readers, all weddings are fun. Its really exciting as you work together on building your best day ever and trying to squeeze out all your energy to make it your first beautiful brainchild, that everyone will seem amazed and talk about after they attend that special day of yours.

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My PCOS Journey

Because of practicing YOLO for the longest time, I gained so much weight. Not to mention the toll that it took to my health as well. So when the journey of love, responsibility, maturity, family and future is on the pipeline of the next chapter of my life, I discovered that I am at risk of having diabetes if I won’t correct my lifestyle anytime soon. This risk is because of the hereditary diabetes, and the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) that I acquired because of being glucose intolerant. This means my body cannot tolerate anything FUN.

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