Theme, Styling, and Motif

Now Down to 62 Days Left!

It’s now official 2 months before I do! Whoa!
Mixed feelings are everywhere in my body. HAHA.


So, we already have catering, event venue, officiant, and guestlist done.

What should be next? Perhaps, conceptualization and making the designs final. The first step to achieve a direction for this part of the planning is to work with a theme. Since we are a limited budget, but we cannot afford to last the day without making it special, I decided to work on a Rustic-Bohemian theme. This theme just needs simple elements to create an event styling appealing to the eye, not to mention that it is very practical and wardrobe requirements are perfect for our country’s moody weather.

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The Extra Challenge: Guestlist and Seat Plan

We are now down to 63 days left to finaly I do. So Let me just share to you how are we able to come up with our final list. The Most Important List Of course we have more than 50 most important people in our lives. This is basically the reason why were holding a church wedding with 200 guests by next year. But … Continue reading The Extra Challenge: Guestlist and Seat Plan

Wedding Officiant – Solemnizing Officer

We are now down to 64 days left to finally I do.

Our Chosen Wedding Officiant

There will be no lengthy explanations on how did we come up with choosing our
SO, as he is very well known in officiating good and memorable weddings. We
don’t want out wedding to appear like it is a legal thing, so we got a good one for
the beginning of our memorable life together. For this wedding we have
Rev Emmanuel Rey P. Moreno.

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