Followed the protocols, adhered by the rules, still, no jab – A “nagma” post

Disclaimer: This is a “nagma” post. Read at your own risk.

nagma” in the words of our dear City Mayor means “nagmamarunong”, and the famous “mema” which means “may masabi lang”

Do we really get what we deserve by following the protocols?

I just want to share with you an experience that we’ve had earlier today to get a vaccine in Manila, particularly in Robinsons Place Manila.

We went there on-time. We really planned the time that we need to get in the queue by 4am because of the imposed “curfew” from 12mn until 4am. To our surprise, at 3:57am, I was counted as number 470. So with that “curfew”, how can we explain that? What kind of black magic does these people practice to get into queue before 4am? I guess I need to learn doing that.

No sleep, waiting patiently number 470 on queue

At around 5am, the cutoff was met, and the new comers were advised that they will only get the vaccine by chance.

Start of the “fun”

We patiently waited in line. Sat on the ground like the others. And at around 5:30am, the drizzles and the rain started. The queue was messed up and people in the waiting list have cut on queues. We still tried to maintain our place in the queue. There were senior citizens as well around us who tried their best to make their way in.

We tried our best even people are not anymore following the social distancing protocols, keeps on removing their face masks to talk and say loud, bad words.

Until a marshal told us, “cut off na po, by chance na lang po kayo mababakunahan”

So I was like, WHAT??!!

And then people continued to stick together. No more protocols. 😭 That was the time I decided that its time to go home.

Did I follow the protocols? YES.
Did I follow the rules while on queue? YES.
Did I get to be vaccinated? NO.

What did I get? A frustrating experience. 💔
But maybe its not yet my time to get vaccinated.

Will I try again? YES.

I will just try to find a way to suggest a better system to anywhere that I can, so I can also get a chance in my own time. 🙏

Good News!! They Listened!

After the chaotic day for most of the Manila vaccination sites, the City Government finally listened and changed the rules. Effective June 21, 2021, only those who got the text message for the next day will be given a queue number, and you won’t get to be vaccinated if you have no queue number. Head over and click the image to see more of the announcement from the City Government.

An announcement from the Manila Public Information Office

And then a plot twist within the day

Plot twist! Surprise!

So our dear City Mayor went to Robinsons Manila and aired a Facebook Live showing his disappointment on the low turnout from the newly implemented vaccination systems. After that, he made the vaccination “open to all” again for all that are currently in the site, taking their chances to get that jab. Watch the video

So after watching this live video, consider me now as a “nagma” citizen, after following your rules, and adhering to your protocols.

2 thoughts on “Followed the protocols, adhered by the rules, still, no jab – A “nagma” post

  1. Hi! Would like to ask what happened with the numbering system since you got the #470? Was also planning to go there yesterday buti nalang hindi kami tumuloy… Thanks for sharing your experience!


    1. Hello! Wala.. nagkagulo. Anyone could easily claim na sila si number 470 dahil walang paper or whatever na mag-prove eh. Manila changed their protocols now, so hopefully, things will get better.


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