Missing your Hungover Nights?

Missin’ your weekends at XX:XX or weeknights filled with music at Finders Keepers, dancing and drinks at Black Market? Fret no more, you’ll know when that hotline blings, it only means hat your favourite liquor delivery is on its way! In today’s situation and how the world is going, it’s great to treat yourself, and your friends to a great time every once in a while or every week (we swear we won’t judge!). Host a zoom party on a Friday, have an afternoon G&T on a Wednesday, take a whiskey swig on a Monday, whatever floats your boat, we got your back!

Enjoy your intimate house parties with a reliable drink delivery service in tow. Partying in the comforts of your home should always be easy and done in just one click, which is really how it should be done right? You’re in for a treat with your convenient, fast, and hassle free online liquor store.

Hangover Hotline is your new party at home bestie! Gone are the days when you spend your Friday nights missing your crazy, fun, and carefree friends. Get your fill delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy.

Slide into our DMs on Instagram and Facebook text our hotlines (0917 3759238 or 0917 115 5577), visit our website at www.hangoverhotline.ph and get your drinks and bottles within the next hour to the next day.

Running late to buy your stash?

Urgent orders are always welcome too! Open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 MN, we make sure that your needs are always met, that’s what besties are for right? Send your order forms and pay through our online banking accounts via Gcash or BDO. Connect with your Hangover Hotline bestie as we make sure that your orders are delivered to you on time, sanitized, and safely. We always make sure that you party responsibly and ordering is available for all customers who are 18 and above!

Verify your age easily and get your delivery provided by (our delivery providers). A wide range of drinks and bottles are available for you, your family, and your friends. From cocktails, beverage mixers, Champagne, premium bottles, beers, liqueurs, whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, brandy, cognac, vodka, and more. And as a welcome gift for you, a promo code is available as long as you reach the minimum amount of PHP 1500. Just use the code: HHWELCOME

Life has brought so many changes in 2020 and a lot of your go to bars and clubs have refocused and closed their doors. We all belong in a small community and there are many ways that we can extend help to each other while having fun at the same time. Manila’s nightlife patrons in collaboration with your favourite drinking spots created a liquor e-commerce site in an effort to help closed off and non-operational clubs and bars liquidate their liquor stock and eventually get back on their feet when the time comes that we all get to party and share a drink again! Sounds like a fun way to help our friends out right? So what are you waiting for? Stock up and get ready for a hangover you’ll remember!