Welcome your guests with treats

🍩πŸͺ: The Perfect Blend

Package: Cocktail Bar (Snack Station)

Peso Power: PHP 6500 (old rate) + PHP 2000 (excess rate for 50pax addtl) + PHP 250 (Table share)

Total Peso Power: PHP 8750

Overall Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Before our own wedding, I had several experiences as a wedding guest on a 3pm wedding where I was really hangry while waiting for dinner. This is because we still had to wait for the couple to be done with their retouching and wardrobe change for some, then for the others, they prefer doing the wedding traditions before they open the dinner buffet for guests. The hunger comes from not being able to eat because of the travel time going to the venue, and the time that I had to allot on preparing myself for the event. So I made a promise to myself that I will never allow our guests to feel hungry while waiting for the dinner to finally start, even if I will have pre-programme games and activities while we are doing postnup. And this is why even being a budgetarian bride, I consider cocktail food a must.

The Perfect Blend is a WAW find as well. And just like other suppliers that I found through this very helpful community, I never had problems dealing with them. From booking, to the contract, and to the delivery, they have made it to a point to do what is expected of them. The reason though, why my rating is not a perfect score, is because they didn’t have their own table for setup. Good thing that our caterer have reminded me about this that we were able to resolve the issue early on. The supplier just rented a table, and we shared 50% of the table cost, which was fine with us. They were right on schedule as agreed, so setup was already completed before arrival of guests.I have a sweet tooth and I can say the treats that they are serving are really delicious! I can finish a lot of those in one seating! Other guests in fact kept on returning to the cocktail buffet until it was all consumed.


Sweet Treats

Welcome Drinks

8 choices of treats

Focaccia Bread with Pesto Parmesan in Olive Oil Dip


Welcome Drinks

Encrusted Mallows

Cocktail Bar Setup

French Baguette w/Butter cream cheese spread

Ham and Cheese Sliders

Nacho Chips

Assorted Crackers with Dips

Choco Wafer Sticks

🍦: Sumilang Ice Cream

Peso Power: PHP 4000

Inclusions: Dirty Ice Cream with Cart and Sorbetero, Transportation

Flavors Availed: Ube, Cheese and Chocolate

Overall Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Our Mamang Sorbetero for the Day.
Sumilang Ice Cream’s Signature Ice Cream Cart

Sumilang Ice Cream was one of the last-minute bookings that we made, a month prior the event. Since my mom didn’t have much involvement on the preparation details, since she just let me decide on my own which I preferred, Haha. I asked her on what is something that she would wish that she can enjoy during the reception that wasn’t there yet and she told me that she wanted ice cream on site. Particularly Sorbetes.

Since we are having a Filipiniana theme, it will be perfect to have a sorbetes cart present, or course with a mamang sorbetero on it.

Unfortunately, because of the goodness of the ice cream, I was not able to try it. Hahah! But our guests said that the ice cream was good. And my mom said it’s worth it. She said she’s happy so I can almost give them a 5-star rating.

The only drawback was a little miscommunication between me and the owner, since they just told me the last minute that the price of the package will be PHP 4100 instead of PHP 3700 since they referred to a wrong location when they booked us. So, to compensate with the misunderstanding, they just gave us a PHP 100 discount as requested by me, hence the final price stated above.

Nevertheless, I will still book this supplier in the event that we will be needing a sorbetes on site.