Making the first Impressions

VIP Invitations: πŸ“œ
Yannah’s Printshop

Peso Power: PHP 90 (Bridal Fair 2017 Rate)

Inclusions: Minimum of 100pcs of chosen invitation design

Overall Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

Our Review:

We decided to have someone do our VIP invitations since our civil wedding invitations were 100% DIY and it really took a huge toll on my energy and not to mention health. We found Yannah’s printshop here in WAW and visited them during a bridal fair in 2017.

When we saw the design, which was exactly what we wanted, we booked them immediately through our AE, Herbhien Camata. After booking, we sent them the specifications and then they sent the initial layout via email after a week.

We just exchanged emails with regards to the mock up design and the final look, and then the invitations were available after 1 month. This was fine with us since we have so much time left to give the invites away.

The only challenge we faced with this supplier was communication. Since they have a lot of clients booked, it will take them days before they reply. But this won’t affect the quality and the timeliness of their committed targets, so we can rate them at an almost perfect range.

Our guests were fascinated by the design of their invitation, and most of them still even displayed their copies in their respective homes. Booking this supplier was really a worth it decision for us.

Regular Invitations – DIY Design and Packaging, Printing and packaging materials by YIMI

Peso Power: PHP 35 per set of 3 pages loose sheets

Overall Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Our Review:

One of the most efficient suppliers during our wedding preparation stage, YIMI amazed us with the speed of their service, but with excellent quality. Let me share with you the milestone dates of our transaction for proof.

Inquiry: March 26, 2018
Design Assessment: March 27, 2018
Delivery Date: March 29, 2018

Your invitation set in 3 days? This was a very rush request that I made because my mother in law will be needing to bring these invitations to the US when she leaves in 2 weeks if I remember it right. She will need at least 30 sets and my busy schedule can’t afford a 100% DIY to create invitations in that window time, so I looked for s supplier who can just print and give me packaging. We are so lucky that YIMI can do it. Did I mention that it was a holiday then because it was Holy Week at that time?

They were flexible enough to allow me to pickup and have the invitations delivered to me by Lalamove. Because of their efficiency, I was able to give my mother in law’s request with less stress and good results.