Good Food = Good Service

🍱 during preps and for the crew: Delicious Gabe

Package: Meal Combo B, Snack Combo 3

Meal Combo B:

  • 1 steamed rice
  • 1 main dish
  • 1 side dish
  • 1 bottled water


  • 1 sandwich
  • Drink

Overall Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

During our big day, the most important token that we can give to our suppliers, aside from recognition and tips are food. This will be their source of energy throughout the busy day.

It was really my personal principle that the supplier’s meal is something that will make them feel happy and look forward to the event. That is why crew meals was among one of the last suppliers that we booked.

Delicious Gabe is a WAW find. And true enough that their prices are very competitive. Since they are just starting in the industry, their rates are very reasonable. We have encountered no problems dealing with them at all. They are document each detail and have them reflected in the contract, and they comply on all the agreements that you will discuss. Professionalism is very evident.

They are also open to the possibility that the numbers may change from time to time during the planning until the final week before the big day. I remember sending them changes twice but they willingly just updated the contract and updated me with the total cost.

Punctuality at its finest. They have 2 deliveries to us for the food to be maintained fresh upon consumption. And they have delivered the food right on the agreed time. Most importantly, the quality of food is something that you will look forward to coming home to. It is simple yet tasty. Perfect to be the source of energy for the suppliers that have been running around here and there all day. We have asked the entourage as well and they agree to me that they delivered a good quality of food. I will definitely book them to supply for our next events.