On The Day (OTD) Coordinator

For real, you won’t be able to do anything during the day. You will only be following instructions from the suppliers whom you trusted, and just go with the flow. 

Even if all the directions and planning were by me, having a powerhouse team to execute it on the day is a must. For those who prioritizes saving as much as possible, let me confirm it to you at least from our experience that having a team to back you up is worth it. 

If not with these brilliant set of people, I cannot imagine when and where might we have ended on that day. Haha! 

On the Day 👩🏻‍💼: Kathryn’s Passion

Peso Power: PHP 15000 (2017 rate)

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Package Inclusions:

  • 1 Event Manager
  • 4 Event Coordinators in uniform equipped with 2-way radio and emergency kits. (There were 5.5 of them on the day)
  • Hosting & Program Flow (We didn’t completely avail this as we hired a separate emcee)
  • Kathryn’s Passion Event Manual and Client Workbook (They provided these but we used our own template)
  • RSVP service
  • Use of Bridal Mannequin for Bridal Gown, Smoke Machine, “Here comes the Bride” wooden sign (Used the Mannequin Only)
  • 2 Party Poppers and prizes for program games (We did not avail their prizes for program games)
Kathryn's Passion Team
The happy and truly passionate team together with the tired and hungry us. Haha.



Milestones and Deliverables

The event manager was able to handle the whole event generally. She was able to deliver everything that was expected of her, from beginning up until the end of the event day,

On the day of the event, there were 5 full time coordinators that were equally distributed to manage all aspects of the event. They have generally delivered everything that was expected of them.

In particular with the bride and groom shadows, only one concern can be raised. They were expected to be always in the sight of the couple in case any need arises, but during the reception both of them are missing. It came to a point that the bride and the groom are both heavily sweating because they have been waiting for their shadows to give them fans to use, and no one was giving the couple even water to drink, which makes them dehydrated. This was addressed during the second part of the programme though. This is not much of a very big deal, but this should be improved.

The Programme flow was clearly and seamlessly handled by the team together with the Emcee.one meeting was held with the couple and the Emcee to finalize the structure and final detailed were executed effectively.

RSVP service was a part of the package but the couple opted to do this on their own as the event manager failed to do this. There was no report of which guests were already notified, and some guests approached the couple concerning to not receiving replies from the number indicated in the RSVP part of the invitation.

An event manual and workbook was provided to the couple few days after booking to fill up. However, it is not as comprehensive yet, so the bride used her own workbook instead.

The bridal mannequin, the party poppers were used accordingly, but no prizes for games were provided by the OTD team.


Kathryn attends to all her clients as much as she could. A client can see how hands on and serious she is when it comes to handling her clients concerns whenever you speak. She knows what are the questions she should be asking, and recommends solutions on clients concerns during meetings.

One challenge though that we faced with them in terms of communicating is that they were not able to hit a lot of deadlines. Things were planned detail by detail by obsessive compulsiveness, which is why we weren’t able to miss anything. But I am sure that if I am the laid back type, our wedding day will have a lot of mishaps. During meetings, we did set action items and she’s not updating us on progress status, even if its only a week before the wedding day. I had to call her attention a lot of times before she replies. This is due to the volume of clients that she takes in, versus the number of resources that she delegates to answer inquiries.

Some of our guests reported to us, that they failed to reply to them when they sent their RSVP notices. The moment I learned this, I took over the RSVP thing and just turned it over to them 2 days prior the event.

We were able to discuss this during the wrap-up after the event, and hopefully they will improve on this one on their next clients.

Transition and Turnover Efficiency

This aspect worked seamlessly for all of us. They were able to execute all that was in my turnover plan successfully.

Post-Event Reports, On the Day of Event Schedule

Everything on the event was well accounted for. The team was able to give the client all the reports post-event. The schedule was followed and executed 100% according to plan.

Adaptability and Contingency

They were able to mitigate things in the end, but these things are items which I raised with Kathryn beforehand. I told her to setup the pabitin and the palayok ropes before the event so that we will just have to tie the other end when its time to play the games. But they did not do that and made their own strategy. In the end, someone from their team had to hold the ropes up and down in replacement of the supposedly pulley for the games. But still, all is still good and was enjoyed by everyone.


They had to make on-the-spot sewing to lift my skirt during the reception so that I can remove my petticoat and clear the risk for accidents. This is an above and beyond effort from them in my opinion.

Client and Guest Relations

Nobody reported to us that our team was rude of unprofessional to them. Not even the co-suppliers