Today, I Celebrate My Heroine

It was ten minutes, past three o ‘clock in the afternoon, thirty-two years back from where we are now.

After enduring several hours of labor pain and absorbing the truth that the package that she paid in installment for nine months in an expensive hospital won’t even be used up to its value and accepting the beginning of the change of life for her from that moment on, she gave birth to an 8 pounder, bouncing and very fat baby girl. Did I already say fat? Yes fat.

And so on and so forth.. And fat.

That was just a very brief excerpt of the story that I knew about the day I was born. The very first day that I was brought out to this beautiful world.

Of course, I won’t be able to remember anything. Because innocence at that point was 100% for real. But all I knew when I had that so-called common sense is that it was that moment when I started to be grateful for the sacrifice of my mom for sharing with me this beautiful life I am enjoying right now, at the expense of hers, because that was the very moment, she dedicated everything to me. Amidst the stretch marks, the meals that has been skipped, the nights she wasn’t able to sleep soundly, and all the things that she liked that she had to set aside just to prioritize me and my needs.

I am beyond thankful to all of those celebrating this special day with me by sending me their greetings and making me feel more special all over the world. The love and well wishes from everyone are very overwhelming, but honestly, this day is not for me. This day is in fact not about me.

Going back to 32 years ago, I won’t even have a clue of what has happened. It was not me who got herself stitched after just giving birth to a person.

This day is about my mother. This is her ‘giving birth’ day, or as I call it,

Her ‘Labor Day’.

Today is my mother’s anniversary of being one of the most remarkable women in the world, at least for me, today’s when she became a hero to one person, none other than me.

Today marks the anniversary of the first time she shared with me the beauty of life – First time, because she was able to give me that experience more than once already.

On her own, she made ends meet, without losing the grace and elegance within her. I can’t imagine how she did it, but she did. Look at how big I was from then till now, so she made it to a point to feed me boxes and boxes of Cerelac and Milk which can explain my big bones, perhaps?

She never made me feel as if there is something missing, because she gave me the world, and she loved and protected me more than anything else in the universe, the best way she could.


At several times in thirty-two years, she held me up and stayed with me in my dark times, kept up with me with understanding and care, as I suffer from my wrong decisions. She guided me to the lighted path until I was able to stand back up to being alive again. She kept the pain caused by my imperfections and still believed in me.

She never gave up on me even when I gave up with myself.

Even during those moments that I don’t seem to make reasonable decisions, she made sure I appeared to be doing very well when she talks about me to other people.

She stood by me and never left me out, until such time that I learned how to manage my own life the right way.

She happily walked with me towards my triumphs, and always believed in my dreams.

And most especially, she molded me and my values for me to become the person I am today.


More and more from these, I believe she have given me the best present from the moment that she brought me out in this world. She gave me that unconditional love that doesn’t judge, that doesn’t hate, but just forgives and never fades.

Therefore, during this day, every year, I celebrate her, instead of celebrating myself.

Perhaps I was not yet given the privilege of having my own child because I am still a working progress to being someone as wonderful as her.


I’m just waiting for her to give me the gift of fountain of youth too. 😍😍😍

Tell me I am a Mama’s girl, because I’m proud to be one. And I am forever grateful that I was gifted to have a mother as beautiful as her, inside and out.

I am not saying that this should be something you should do too, but please, never forget to hug them, touch their tummies and thank your moms during your birthdays.