Lalamove – Say Yes to Convenience!

Just to clarify, this is not a paid blog post. I just felt the need to share how can you buy more time for yourself, and how to be more efficient on your day

Service rendered: Pick up and Delivery of Invitations in Less than 2 hours.
Peso Power: PHP 268 + PHP 80 (holiday surcharge) = PHP 348

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam ng app na ito, Lalamove is an on-demand courier who can help you get your urgent errands done. In our case, we need someone to pick up the invitations printed by YIMI and deliver them to our place so that I can prepare the labels in time for Sunday.

Since holyweek, walang grab express and couriers are not on regular operations, I just tried my luck if someone is available sa lalamove. Then voila! My booking was accepted.

Booking Details!

Medyo malayo yung destination and pickup address ng item so medyo pricey sya. Pickup address is at YIMI’s shop located at Novaliches, and I live in Malate Manila. So cost was PHP268 then additional PHP 80 For the holiday surcharge.

With regards to the driver assigned, wala akong masabi. He’s so courteous and nice! He was able to find the pick up address even being provided with a very vague information because Google Maps was not very detailed on that area. He called me up to validate every detail on the item before he left the shop to deliver the item to me. Today indeed is lucky day.

I did not hesitate to spend this amount because my P348 pesos will never be able to get me the items that I needed, and buy me the time that I saved for the day, and most especially it can never take away the hassle if I’ll go and pick up the items on my own. I’m sure I’m gonna be spending more than that kung ako nag pick up kasi nakakagutom yung layo. Haha.

Item was picked up at 12:17PM, and its already in my hands at 1:10PM. Yes to convenience! 😍

Sa mga gusto sya subukan, you can download the app on google play or apple app store, then search for Lalamove. You can also use this link to download then get PHP 100 off on your first transaction. 🙂

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