45 Days. WHAT?!

These days, time flies so fast. I almost didn’t feel the months passing by. It feels like just days and its still a surprise to me that we are down to 45 days left! WHOA.

That is a a month and 2 weeks worth, if you want to stress me out even more. LOL.
I am a bridezilla no more, but looks like my health has been stressed out and is demanding me to take it slow, considering the time constraint.

Having the things that I need for the event in mind, I think there is nothing else being missed out, except the unfinished DIY’s, which I cannot show you guys as of now because that should remain as a secret until the event ends.

But nevertheless, giveaways, invitations and other printables are all DIY’s. These are all remaining to be completed before the end of the month. Finishing the invitations means completion also if distributing them. It’s because we print it out as needed. Since we manage the event on top of our day to day activities, and we give out invitations on a group of people each weekend, we do them after work hours and then give them away during the weekends.