Theme, Styling, and Motif

Now Down to 62 Days Left!

It’s now official 2 months before I do! Whoa!
Mixed feelings are everywhere in my body. HAHA.


So, we already have catering, event venue, officiant, and guestlist done.

What should be next? Perhaps, conceptualization and making the designs final. The first step to achieve a direction for this part of the planning is to work with a theme. Since we are a limited budget, but we cannot afford to last the day without making it special, I decided to work on a Rustic-Bohemian theme. This theme just needs simple elements to create an event styling appealing to the eye, not to mention that it is very practical and wardrobe requirements are perfect for our country’s moody weather.

With the styling part, I decided to partner with my artist and florist friend, Ms. Jo Ana Liza Vocalan. She is the head artist of The Attic Cafe Gallery in Las Pinas, and the florist and owner of Shabby Florist by Joannaliza.

Her work and pegs 72fe03d526a7690b1e2afd826c1ffb51are perfect for my vision of the venue and I would not want anyone else to design my special day other than her.

Jo Anna’s passion for art and her very generous heart keeps me sane during my bridezilla moments and her ideas drive my thoughts to a more creative level that she pups out the most creative juices in me which was last used perhaps some decade ago.

Shabby Florist



The element of surprise keeps us more excited on doing everything we can to create a beautiful venue out of the resources that we have, and I would not know what to do, if Jo Anna’s is not my stylist.

*Update as of March 19, 2018*

The setup was so beautiful and its beyond my expectations. It was executed very artistically that our guests won’t believe us when we tell them that we spent almost nothing on the styling. Being Jo an upcycling artist, she brought scrap items back to life by using them in her styling.

We used a burlap carpet roll as our aisle. It is part of my surprise to the groom that the aisle that we will walk on has photos from special phases of our relationship, which was sketched by The Attic Gallery’s in house artists, also known as Kwatro Kantos.

The group also showcased their talents by doing an on-the-spot sketchwork to our guests as part of their souvenir.

We also had our sketch done as our takeaway from the event.

Sketching in progress