Catering Services and Event Venue


Whenever we tell our elderly folks about our wedding plans and we talk about
Catering, they’re like.. “Catering? This is just a civil wedding, right? Why do you
still have to get catering services? How many are your guests?” that and the
likes. Well, we admit that this is not your ordinary civil wedding. But hey, this our
wedding. Our first wedding. We might do something beyond ordinary because
that’s what we deserve, right?

So there you go. I tapped my chef friend, who happens to own Cafe Ymari Food

and Art, and opened up about our wedding plans. To start with, we are looking at
only 30 guests. But since we are looking at a particular cut-off amount, we have to
accomodate at least 40 guests to hit the target. So why not make it a flat 50pax for
buffer, right? There you go with our final 50pax guestlist. We immediately agreed
to schedule a food tasting and ocular session so that we can start up on planning

This is when I’m about to finish the beef dish. lol.

Nope I was not fighting with the Groom. We’re brainstorming.. Hehe

Thank you Ms Tere for sending us these photos! We were lured during our food tasting! Everything tasted so perfect! Every detail of the food was prepared from the heart and they are very open to our requests and suggestions. Such a gem! We then decided to book right away and chose the following food for our menu:

Appetizer – Tuna Spread on French Baguette
Rice – Steamed Plain Rice
Beef – Beef Bourguinion
Pork – Roasted Pork Loin in Carrot Mustard Sauce
Pasta – Spaghetti Pasta Aglio Olio
Dessert – Blueberry Panna Cotta
Beverage – Bottomless Honey Blend Iced Tea
– Bottomless Mineral Drinking Water

We can’t wait for our guests to have a taste of Chef Marie’s wonderful gourmet dishes!

*Update as of March 19, 2018*

And so it was confirmed. Our lovely caterer wow-ed us beyond expectations, that the food was wiped out! From the appetizer down to the dessert, everything was well appreciated by our guests. They even got clients from among our guests and suppliers as well. The crew meals didn’t even fall second best. Chef Marie and her team were able to serve us above par. Our suppliers were happy on their food, and we can see it on how they serviced us. In fact, the food that we were able to take home are less than 5% of sauce. HAHA! You are the best, Chef Marie and Team!

Who would’ve thought that we are doing this event on a tight budget? No one even noticed it!

Peso Power: PHP 25225.00

inclusive of food for 50 pax with 10% buffer, buffet setup, plated tables for VIP, more desserts and hearty service from their crew.

Our buffet table by Cafe Ymari Food and Art

For more menu choices and other inquiries, and if you want to experience the quality dishes that were having, you may contact Chef Marie at:

Facebook: CafeYmari Food and Art
IG: Cafeymari

Event Venue

We were lucky that Chef Marie has a lot of partner venues around the metro, but
most of them are enough to accomodate 150-200pax. Its so huge for my guest
count. However, she have one partner venue whic h can accomodate 100pax
and just enough for the setup that I am visualizing to make. This happens to be in
Santuario de San Antonio Parish Social Hall at Forbes Park, and we immediately
decided that this was it.

We did setup a meeting with the admin officer named Ms. Alice Loto, who was really nice and kind to entertain all our questions and open to our suggestions. She’s very easy to get along with and I am happy that she is always ready to answer

my queries and suggest other solutions for a smooth and breezy event.

The social hall has a total of 4 bays, and it is newly renovated. Each hall can hold up to 100 pax. Since were doing the event on a weekday, were lucky to get the best part of the hall, which has a good facade from the stairs, the Ongsiako Bay. Here are some photos for your reference. The way we transferred the venue to a ceremony and reception place could be seen at this post.

The stairs on the way to the facade
The side entries which usually serves as registration
The bay entrance which serves as the main entry-exit points
Inside the bay
ports for microphone and sound system

Peso Power: Each hall costs P9500.00, with P2500 per excess hour inclusive of the following:

3 hours event time
4 hours ingress
1 hour egress
Water and Electricity cost
Basic Sound System
Use of Kitchen

However, guests should keep in mind, before booking of the following rules:

  • Security/ damage deposit: applicable to coordinators (per affair) less damage, penalties on violation of rules of tghe parish center, garbage, losses, etc. If any and to cover for excess hours and of fraction thereof, if any (refundable depending on the hour used)
  • Security Deposit Charges: P10,000 if booking 1 bay only, and P25,000 if booking all 4 bays, refundable after the event.
  • Full payment of security and damaged deposits must be remitted 7 days before the scheduled affair
  • Refund is given 7 days from submission / return of the original copy of the official receipt. Refund not claimed within a month will be considered as donation to the parish
  • Clients should book caterers which were accredited by the venue in order to book the venue for their event.
  • On-site cooking at the venue is not allowed
  • Alcohol consumption within the venue premises is not allowed.
  • For stylists, materials and adhesives should not be used directly to the walls, or any other materials to damage the venue’s property is not allowed.

For more information regarding the venue, rates, rules, etc, you may contact Ms. Alice Loto at 9am-6pm at these numbers: