Our Marriage License Story – Expectation Versus Reality

I mentioned in a different page that there is this interesting twist on our marriage license story that I really want to share to you, as you might have stumbled to this page for some reason that related to procuring such precious document.

First, Life happened.

Due to a circumstance that cannot be arguable, Jack was not able to make it to the City Hall with me. Thus, leaving me to process the license alone. Of course I felt  bad, but there’s nothing you can do on things you can’t control, right? So I might as well just go with the flow and do the processing alone. I don’t want to waste my time off from work with doing nothing anyway.

Since I was then feeling bad, I had a heavy heart while I was on my way to the Manila City Hall. Upon arrival, I went to the information counter to ask where the office of the LCR (Local Civil Registrar) is located. He told me where the office was, but instructed a lady by the name of Maricel to accompany me to where I have to go. I knew what’s gonna happen next. The lady will take me to a place where I’m not intended to go, and that’s not at the LCR’s office. She took me in an office at the 2nd floor. Particularly at Room 223. As per research I found out that this is the office of Hon.  Ernesto “Dionix” Dionisio Sr. I still went with the flow and followed through. Another lady interviewed me. She has a boy cut hair and is wearing sleeveless casual blouse and jeans. Yes. A government employee in wears that during duty. She escorted me inside the office and examined the complete documents that I brought. She checked them one by one:

  • Myself and the groom are at the right age
  • There were enough provided barangay clearances and one of us resides in Manila
  • We are capable of marriage and both of us were issued a CENOMAR
  • Our planned date of marriage is in scope with the 120 days validity of the marriage license upon issuance

She then told me that they can help me in such a way that we don’t have to need a license anymore, as they can make it appear that as if we are already living together, long enough that were eligible of marriage. However, I didn’t want that, because I was still leaning towards the legit way of things. However, the moment she talked about the family planning seminar requirement, which requires both parties to be present, and I was firm to not waste the time off that I took for the day, I just gave in, cooperated with them and listened carefully. That’s the time she quoted me with the use of a pen and a piece of a yellow post-it, for a total of P6500 (Six thousand five hundred pesos) for processing and expediting our marriage license in absence of the seminar and appearance of my fiance (P2000) and for the solemnizing officer’s fee and registration of marriage processing fees (P4500).

The quotation post-it

Yes they do already have a solemnizing officer available by the name of Rosalinda Lagatierra and they can actually officiate marriages and papers within one day, as long as you pay.

Luckily I still have brain cells to use for the day.

I was shocked, but I still tried to keep my composure. I still need to have my license processed after all and these people who are taking advantage of me can help anyway, so I strategized quietly and quickly and did not panic.

I recalled the totals of the documentation which I listed before, which costs roughly at P2000 inclusive of our transportation expenses so I was thinking that P1500 may be good enough to spare. I told her that I only have P1500 for now so perhaps I can pay for the balance on the wedding day. She approved of my proposal, made me finish the forms, while talking to Ms. Rosa Lagatierra, and off I went back home. I was gathering my thoughts straight, thinking what to do next. For now I have the calling card of the Solemnizing officer with her signature at the back.

She was apparently, the Solemnizing officer
This was the back of the calling card showing that I paid P1500 as downpayment

I knew I had to be more careful on my next steps. So I researched about the Solemnizing Officer which they were offering me, her license and previous marriages which she officiated. I was lucky to have found out that her latest license is already expired as of December 31, 2016. That’s enough reason for me to move smarter.


I made sure that she and her staff expedites the processing of our marriage license so that I can get away from her as soon as I can. I tried following up after a week (June 5) and she told me that it will be ready by June 9th (Friday). I told her there’s no problem with that but apparently she needed more money that she told me by Tuesday (June 6) morning that our license is already at the office for pickup. Isn’t that amazing? Haha. But the catch is, she wants me to pay an additional P500 for processing fee and transportation expenses of her liason staff because I hurried her to provide my license. Instead of being angry, I just found it funny and frustrating at the same time. Then I decided to just get the license and pay her to finally get it over and done with. She even wants to reprimand me while I was getting the license but I just showed her the tiger look that she won’t want to mess up with. Then off I went straight to work.

What’s surprising upon reviewing the license carefully, is that it was issued yesterday in Quezon City! How? I don’t know???! Hahaha. Its legit though.

All is consistent with the application form and the notice of marriage to the public. It is deemed valid anywhere in the country until October 3, 2017 so I guess that’s just fair enough.

So for a fee of P2000.00, we were able to get our marriage license done in 7 days.  We did not attend the seminar, and it saved us 8 days of waiting. Don’t get me wrong okay,  I am not proud of this because I consider this as extortion and government officials taking advantage of their countrymen. But i have to admit that it helped us. I still have to do something about this once were done with the wedding though.

After securing these documents, our next step is to block off the date for our desired Solemnizing Officer. This one is also a tedious task which I started much earlier than the marriage license, and I didn’t find relevant tips about this online. So I will be sharing it in detail in a different post once we’ve secured him or her! All fingers crossed!

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  1. Can i have your number so i can ask how the procedure is done, thanks, i wull drop my number so that i can ask more questions about your marriage, i am also planning tondo that also, thanks


  2. Can i have your number so i can ask how the procedure is done, thanks, i wull drop my number so that i can ask more questions about your marriage, i am also planning tondo that also, thanks


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