Two Engagements, Now Two Weddings

I admit that I always joke to JL about getting civil wedding rites. For the reasons that I wanted to avail a higher housing loan premium so that we can start saving up for our own property before tying the knot. I always tell him that its just a paper that were gonna sign. To bind us legally as one civil entity which is the same as the direction that we are heading to, several months from now. JL always didn’t want to bite my idea. He says he wants to wait for the church wedding. Several tries, and then I rested my case. Fine, we’ll wait for the church wedding then.

Don’t get me wrong okay.. I grew up with a Catholic upbringing. This is where going to church becomes a chore. Something that you’ll get reprimanded about whenever not being done. To be honest, I did not like that at all. I personally want my trips to the church to be something which I decided on my own because I wanted to. Not because of any obligation,


but just because I want to talk one on one with my own God. Okay, you are beginning to judge me. Enough of my belief. Hehe.

The main reason we opted for a church wedding is that we want to please our dear families in due respect to what they want to see from us. Of course we know that they only want the best for us, but apart from our love for each other, it is for our love for them. But if its just us, were going to only do a civil wedding. For us its just some sort of making us legitimate to live together, without judgement. But since my fiance only wants the best, our church wedding became twice as expensive as I planned it. However, its still very cost-efficient compared to the other weddings that I saw. However, since its expensive, we need to save up for it that is why it has to happen on the next year. Ugh. Ang mahal ng forever!

One Sunday morning, after our clan’s mothers day event, while having breakfast, my aunt which happens to be the head of our clan, and her partner brought up a topic which made my day.

They were suggesting us to get civil rites for now because we still have more than a year of waiting for the church wedding, and there are so many things can possibly happen during that span of time. They were suggesting that so if in any case that may happen, at least, were legally binded. This is considering that we were really sure of our intentions for each other and were already on the right age. Who am I to say no, right? That’s what I wanted to happen in the first place. I immediately extended the news to JL. He was overwhelmed. He’s happy with it. I am not expecting anything though.

Surprisingly, he was suddenly okay with the idea and he immediately told his mom about it over the phone, as his mom is currently in the US to attend his niece’s graduation ceremonies and celebrations. His side of the family agreed to the idea and voila! We are getting married this year.

When? Anniversary. We moved the Palawan plans after the civil wedding so that everything happens in appropriate order.

On to the planning of the intimate event and back to square one of reading…..

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  1. ang cute naman nung JLS !!!
    siguro ang gwapo nia !!!
    nakakakilig !!!
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