The Journey towards being #FinallySajors

I never thought that I will write a blog and even dedicate a page for this topic, but I think I am really getting there.. On my road to being Mrs. Jacklord Sajor. ❤

I think I have to create this blog to share to you, my fellow dreamers, stone hearted friends, that all of us are to set to experience something good in our lives, whether or not we are prepared for it, as long as the time is right.

The saying was right, “kapit lang bes. darating din yan.” Haha.

And since this has been the longest event preparation I’ve ever handled, and organized alone, I think its best to share it with the world.

Aside from the forever dream, and the quest to being Mrs Sajor, I also have 3 major objectives:

  1. To achieve a simple, but elegant wedding on a budget.
  2. To support local artists and suppliers
  3. To create one of the most beautiful events in the world, atleast to my audience.

Now I welcome you to the wonderful and crazy world of love and marriage shenanigans.

***UPDATE as of June 6, 2017***

We are officially on our day 1 of our 90 days left towards being civilly married. Yes we are doing the civil wedding this year, and how we came with the decision is elaborated in a separate entry. Today, we also officially start on the details of the civil wedding preps, which feels stressful as well, like how we started planning the church wedding. But since I know what to do already, not to mention I have started to prepare weeks back, plotting-in details for the civil wedding seems to be so simpler this time.

***UPDATE as of March 14, 2018***

Well.. time files so fast, that we’re now down to 6 months left! We aren’t even done adjusting to the changes that comes with our new relationship status, and I haven’t even updated all my government records. HAHA!

***UPDATE as of November 11, 2018***

As we are now at the post-wedding stage, I haven’t picked up my wedding gown from the dry cleaner even. Haha! So updating the blog really will take a long time. I hope you’ll all be patient.

I’m gonna go down to details one by one, so I can help other couples with their planning in the future..  Enjoy!


Mrs. Sajor ❤