Jomalig Island: My Summer’s Perfect Detour

As we are approaching to the end of summer season, we are also down to my last planned summer getaway (so far) for this year. Not to the knowledge of everyone except me and my friends, that this very trip had a lot to go through before it became more perfect than how we had it in our imaginations.

We teamed-up with the Weekend Backpacker duo, Jannah  and Laura, because the more the merrier when you DIY  it that way.

We planned on doing a small outreach program to the Jomalig local kids so we opted to bring some school supplies, toiletries and food to give away. And let the adventure begin.

We met up 12 midnight of Saturday at Legarda, beside the terminal of Raymond Bus, as there resides the garage where Vans going straight to Real Quezon holds its terminal. We waited and decided to merge with a group who plans to rent the van since they have a lot of stuff to bring, and they will be picking up a motorbike along the way in Cubao.

Yes. A motorbike inside the van while we are travelling. Cool, isn’t it?

After picking up the motorbike, we went on the road to the rough zigzag roads approaching Quezon. 4 hours had passed and we finally reached the port at around 5:30am. We want to catch the first trip to the island so we made it to a point not to miss it.

And our first challenge of the day? How to board that boat using that floating thing. That made me realize one thing: Its gonna be one helluva ride!

Ungos Port, Real Quezon

I do not remember how I was able to board easily, but all I know is that we boarded a passenger boat full of people. Like a lot of them. We just need to find our own place to fit in, which makes it challenge number two.

The passenger boat can hold up to 60-70pax. Close to each other. Skin to skin. Almost.

We managed to change places, sometimes outside, sometimes inside, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting on the corner sometimes sleeping, etcetera. Haha. Were just focusing at the end of the rainbow that we saw after the boat left the port.

Halfway our journey, we saw the almost as famous Polilio island on our left. It looks virgin as well, and quiet. But all I am thinking that time is the in-house meal that the boatmen cooked for the passengers. I can’t wait to eat. Polilio can wait, and my tummy can’t. Haha.

They said what they cooked was Adobo. It did not taste like my adobo, but it does taste good. Few more hours when we finally can anticipate Jomalig as we see it from a far. Its already breathtaking even from a distance.



Alighting the boat was easy, and I didn’t expect it. But the moment I stepped into the sands of Salibungot woke me up. Its too soft that I get to be reminded how heavy I am as every step sinks a foot in the sand. Too fine that you want to make polvoron out of it.


Perhaps I’m still hungry.

The moment we are ready, we went into the area where the local houses are situated, to look for our host, Ate Imelda and her family.

We settled the moment we found her place. It was so urban and we love it. There were these animals which caught our attention and helped us kill time, right after we pitched our tents to our chosen campsite.



We chose to camp near Ate Imelda’s house as it serves us perfectly, from the distance of comfort rooms, also to Ate Imelda’s house and its a few steps away from Salibungot beach.

Since we are still waiting for lunch, we just went on to our small outreach program as these adorable sweet kids little by little approach us, and welcome us with their innocent smiles. What a lovely way to start the day. It was heartwarming.


13164465_588958461279518_5343773438709699746_n_zpsaaokgulr1      13237607_588958687946162_6001518726327602398_n_zpsyh1sif70


Meanwhile, our only boy is starting his own beach bumming. Haha!


Ate Imelda served us corned beef and that fantastic Jomalig rice for lunch and I felt so perfect that I can kiss her. We didn’t know why but that Jomalig rice tastes so perfectly, especially with corned beef, my favorite food in the world.

We just rested for one more hour and its the perfect time to hit the beach!

Found these on the shore made by Jack to establish his stuff’s place
Jack having the time of his life at a far
Sweet little girls Rica and Joy

We went back to the campsite after the sunset. At that time I was almost fainting because Rica and Joy wanted us to go and walk till we reached the halfway part of the shore. It was a real challenge for us to do it so we just enjoyed the rest of our time in the water until its time to go back.

As expected, Ate Imelda did not fail us for dinner, as she served us a simple but very tasty and fresh tinola. After dinner we washed ourselves up, had out
chit chats until its time for bed.

We were up early the next morning as we are going to do our beach hopping at the other side of the island, as planned. We went to visit Pulo Islet and Kanaway Beach.


Arriving at Pulo Islets


Pulo Islets rock formations


Minding their own businesses
She’s got a problem, but she’s smiling.


unfortunately, we weren’t able to catch the sandbar in its perfect state, as it was currently high tide at the time, but the sandbar is evident from where we are.

As the island is becoming more and more famous, an environmental fee of 30 pesos per head was being asked from us during our visit to the area. That is why even I felt I had enough water for that morning, I still made to a point to enjoy Kanaway. Lol.

Kanaway Beach


Now its time to go back to camp…


This is how I love about my travel buddies. Tired, but smiling!


13254432_588954727946558_4441033009644460567_n_zpseac9rqfjIts past lunchtime when we arrived back to our campsite. And as we were obviously tired
and hungry, we were trying to entertain ourselves as we are waiting for the anticipated delicious home cooked lunch by Ate Imelda and her husband Kuya Jojo.

After our mindblowing lunch, we minded our own businesses and owned our afternoon as legit beach bums.


Until then it was time to hit the beach for the last time.

It was just a total chill beach bum afternoon until dinner, then its time for some to get some rest and call it a day, while me and Jacklord was having fun chit chatting with Ate Imelda’s wife, Kuya Jojo. We called it a night as well by 10pm.

We wanted to catch the first trip going to Ungos Port, so we woke up early and had quick breakfast. We collapsed our tents as we bid the locals farewell.

Even when on our way out, locals have been very hospitable by saying “Balik po kayo”, “Maraming Salamat Po”, even to tourists that they barely knew. The experience was so refreshing.

We boarded the first boat trip to Real and now looked forward to going home…

But our itchy footed friend Laura suggested we go for a stopover at the Pililia Windmills at Rizal, just for photo ops. And because our vanmates weren’t KJ and kuya driver’s trying to pass time as he’s still under number coding, we went for it.

After seeing the windmills, we continued our way to Legarda terminal, as some of us alight the van one by one, and indicates the end of our Jomalig experience for now.

Key Takeaways:

1. Never forget to bring your own sfork. There are possibilities that the passenger boat will have shortage of cutleries.

2. Do your beach hopping during the afternoon, this is to catch the low-tide and experience the genuine sandbar in Kanaway.

3. Prepare your tummy, so it won’t give you problems as using the restroom there has a cost and its not as easy as it may seem.

4. Never forget to use waterproof pouches for your gadgets. The waters seem to be playful when you are not ready.

5. The water is beautiful, but it is not waterproof.


For our itinerary and expenses, see below:

Jomalig_Itinerary and Expenses_2