Camping in Glamour: GLAMPING

What is Glamping?

Our restless souls wanted to make the most of summer that we want to squeeze everything we could as much as the budget permits, of course. We all had an experience to do a harcore and real type of camping so we often wonder how it is like to glamp, rather than to camp. And with all further ado, why don’t just.. do it!

Glamping – A fusion of glamour and camping – emerged international and came across the Atlantic over the last decade. Both independent properties and global hospitality brands have capitalized on a jettisoning demand for travelers who want to experience the positive aspects of camping without the “uncomfortable” negatives. Glamping pivots on a high level of service that focuses on the complete comfort of the guests. The amenities found at glamping destinations far exceed anything recreational campers
Glamping is a portmanteau of glamour and camping and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping. – Wikipedia

We came across this Glamping Package offered by Casa Antonio Vacations, located at Playa Calatagan, a high-end beach property in Calatagan, Batangas which features a residential community with Asian Tropical vacation homes and world-class resort amenities such as the Beach Club and River Pool. Sounds posh? Right. So let’s go to the deets. Don’t worry I will be disclosing contact numbers and other information about Casa Antonio Vacations at the end of this write-up.

It was the seven (7) of us who pushed through with the susyalan trip. We assembled at Edsa Pasay Rotonda at 4:30am to have breakfast before bringin on the real thing. We then boarded the bus going to Nasugbu Batangas and alighted at Lian after more than 2 hours to transfer to a Jeepney that will take us to the Calatagan public Market.

There was a little challenge while riding the Jeepney for 45 minutes, since we were so cramped up inside under the scorching heat. Too bad I was not able to catch the moment. Haha.

It was bearable though, given the thought that we will be in a wonderful place in a short while. It was easy to ride a tricycle then going to Playa Calatagan beach, since the drivers all knew the place. We just had to pay p50 pesos each and they gave us a ride to the exclusive beach haven.










Shortly we reached the exclusive beach resort. And our contact person, Ms. Judy welcomed us. She was so charming and escorted us to the registration area to sign the waiver and register our names in the guest logbook.

Now were ready to beach bum!



Upon registration, we were given 2 wrist badges each. The green one is for the Glamping Access, and the Pink one is for the Access to the Exclusive Pool club for one day only. We chose to enjoy it on our first day since we cannot wait to swim. And yes, my arm is the darkest. LOL



The view of Playa Beach
Power of Love Walking on their way to the Picnic table


Look, even the comfort rooms seem so exclusive and posh. Thanks to my dear Drix and her banyo chronicles for taking photos of this lovely banyo.


We explored the whole pool area while we are waiting for lunch and decided to perk up our energy with barako coffee and beer for Jack, of course. And again, when I look at photos of me, I realize that I am so brown. Hahaha.

The cabana that is beside what was given to us, but in the end became out lazy place.


After coffee, we decided that to change to swim costumes. Which ended up for some to give in to the water and not wait for lunch. Haha! I can’t blame them, its really too hot.

And then lunch was ready!

Our lunch prepared by Casa Antonio Vacations

Our package came with full board meals, from first day lunch, until second day breakfast. And the meals were unlimited, except that we just had to buy soda because we really have to.

Our original plan is to do snorkeling activities after lunch. But the place was so cozy which made us decide to be more laid-back this time on activities, and enjoy the amenities instead.

It was mentioned to us during registration that free stand-up paddleboarding is offered in Acquaria, so we did not let it pass and we tried it!

When I got the hang of it and decided to stand up, the instructor told me to kneel back down instead because of the strong current. But that’s the point of being in the surfboard, right? Haha.

Few more swims in the exclusive posh river pool, then were done with it. The river pool and the exclusive area closes at 5:00pm, so we made the most of it.


Then it is time to settle down in our home for the night..


Were trying to figure out our stuff, and then Jack trying to figure out the pancit. HAHAH!
Then its time to photo op with the sunset 🙂


We did our own chillax times thing while waiting for dinner, and some more photo ops

Then dinner! C/O Casa Antonio Vacations

Some people does netflix and chill.. Meanwhile we do bonfire and chill.. 🙂



The assistants in Casa Antonio told us that it costs p400 for a bonfire, but since we are closest to the pit, we got it for free. Thanks to our neighbors. Haha.

It was an official lights-off at around 2am, and we were up as early as 6am-ish.

Patiently waited for breakfast and washed ourselves up.

Meanwhile.. We were curious how it was like to have a job that picks up the leaves over and over and over again.

Hmm, it was fun.. But tiring eventually.

The morning in the beach was so inviting and serene but we really had to go.. So we just took some more snaps.



Then it was time to go and wrap up the glamping site.. But before anything else..

We needed to have a photo taken with Ms Judy. She was so nice, she even gave us a lot of green mangoes as souvenir. 🙂

Our overall experience: SUPERB. Glamorous. We slept in a tent but felt like kings and queens. The food that was served was very good and more than enough to feed us, the fish is always fresh, and the crew are always more than willing to accommodate all our needs. Without them, Glamping won’t be Glam at all, so Kudos to Ms. Judy and their whole team!

On our way to Manila before going home, we decided to get our lunch fix at one of the most Nostalgic places in my life: Mushroomburger.

Said hello and thank you to the wishing well who used to be ears to my childhood dreams.


And were on our way back to our daily grind, in preparation for our next adventures. 🙂

For the actual itinerary of our activities and expenses, you may refer to below information.


Check out their rates based on how many you were in a group:

If you want your own Glamping Experience, feel free to contact Casa Antonio Vacations on their Facebook Page, or these numbers:

Ms Judy: +639090531355
Ms Ana: +639985670679

You may also send them an email at:

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