Life has always been fair.

Its the month of the year once again..

February 2009, this month has been one of the most unforgettable months for the past year, not only because of my birthday but for the different twists that happened into my life that turned into the endless surprises that I had during 2009.. I won’t go into details but I must say that the past year brought out the best in me to face 2010 with lessons learned.

The new group of friends that I had during February 2009, (of course they were very good friends of mine up to date) Circus, Montreal Knights, and not to mention Olympians (not everybody knows what this really means) seemed to have changed my way of living in such a way that I became more familiar of what surrounds me and whats inside me. They made me realize what I really wanted to achieve in life, which was change.

I wonder what will February 2010 will offer me.. Of course, an early gift for my birthday is the chance to be whatever I want to be in the industry that I chose to explore for living. I am very grateful to be blessed with such a reputable company and most especially, the chance that the Lord gave me to make me change my life back to what its used to be back in the days that I wouldn’t mind staying at home early.  HAHA. Kidding aside, this helps me restore my good healthy self way back, and a normal way of living without any hard feelings on what I do. With this I am very happy and proud of myself.

Through this, I learned that the belief “life isn’t fair” isn’t true. The way you live your life is always a matter of choice.

Loving and understanding one person is a matter of choice. Then if so you get hurt, it is because you chose to be it. And it happened not to make things hard for people but for people to stand up and learn from it. Everything has its brighter side, you just have to look at it behind the dark. Challenges are just movies, that always leads you maybe not to a happy ending, but to a moral lesson. And with this obstacles are to be cherished. You just have to watch it until it is done. Live with it until its on your senses. And life will all be fair.